Jackson Productivity Research Inc. is a consultancy, and , well, Productivity is our middle name.

Productivity comes in many guises, and for me, work measurement, plant layout and facility planning occur most frequently.

The  JPR web site is http://jacksonproductivity.com, where you’ll see all the topics, and the titles of the books I have authored. Another Amazon book is Everybody has to be Somewhere, on travel. We write about what we know, right, and a consultant knows as much about travel as about his discipline.

This blog addresses some productivity topics that get attention from the media. Amazon’s search for a new headquarters, and Tesla’s capacity crunch in 2017 for example. Most of us won’t have an issue on a similar scale, but the basic topics of relocation and bottlenecks are pretty common, and I have successfully dealt with both.

Read on.

Jack Greene


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